About ValeWest Ltd

Located in the UK, ValeWest Ltd has over twenty years experience of providing independent IT consultancy. Our experienced consultants have in-depth practical knowledge, which enables them to employ a realistic and practical approach in a variety of IT related projects.

Our consultants are highly experienced individuals recruited from the IT industry. As such they are well placed to advise clients on how to avoid potential project problem areas. A satisfied client base has resulted in ValeWest consistently winning repeat business as well as new business resulting from client referrals. (A full client reference list is available on request).

ValeWest Ltd has developed, tried and tested consultancy methodologies which, coupled with extensive market knowledge, proven experienced consultancy management skills and complete independence from the supply market, mean that the quality and integrity of ValeWest’s consultancy is assured. Our bespoke software solutions add value to businesses by enabling them to realise the cost savings and opportunities of IT.